The project was founded in 2003 by Sonia and Chris Donnan, working with members of Molo Happy Church. It began by providing uniform and equipment to send children back to primary school, who were previously found on the streets.

In 2004, we ran a day centre where children were cared for, rehabilitated and prepared for returning to school where boys could wash, eat, and learn English, Maths and a trade such as mechanics or tailoring. A hostel was also opened on the same site.

In 2006, we started a day centre in town to cater for younger children, this has proved a Godsend in reaching and helping younger children off the streets. In the same year, the project joined the mission organisation International Teams UK.

In 2011, we started a Bible club on Saturday mornings to further impact the children with the love of Christ.

In 2012, Chris and Sonia returned to UK with their family and the project was managed by local staff.

In September 2013, the project employed its first local Programme Manager.

In March 2015, Chris and Sonia visited to monitor and evaluate the progress of the project since their last visit.

In June 2017, Sonia started talking with Missions of Hope International (MOHI) from Nairobi with a view to them running the main project site and school.

In January 2018, MOHI took over the running of the main project site, operating four school year groups and with the desire and intention to work with the community in a way that we had been unable to do previously. They had a proven track record of working with groups in some of the Nairobi slums.

As MOHI worked with schools as a medium to getting access to parents, it meant that there was no provision through them for the care of the children that we had in long term care, in a house on a neighbouring plot – ‘Amy’s House’, and so we retained responsibility for these children.